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Li Ka-Shing is an investor, businessman and philanthropist from Hong Kong. He was born on 13th June, 1928 in Chaozhou, China. He is the richest man in the entire Asia. As far as Forbes is concerned, he stands at the eight position of the richest people in the world, as of March 2013.His net wealth is estimated to be of US $31 billion.

Li Ka-Shing is the chairperson of the board of HWL - Hutchison Whampoa Limited and also chairperson of Cheung Kong Holdings. He operates container terminals retails beauty and health products. In 2001, Asiaweek named Li Ka-Shing as Asia's most powerful man. This is because his companies make up to 15% of the market space in the Hong Kong Sctock Exchange. Li Ka-Shing won the very first achievement award from the Forbes Magazine for his achievements on 5th September, 2006. This award was presented to him in Singapore. Li Ka-Shing leads a simple lifestyle with his well-known black dress and a cheap Seiko watch, in spite of his wealth.

He is Asia's most generous philanthropist. He has donated over US $1.41 billion to charity and other causes. Li Ka-Shing is dubbed 'Superman' due to his business expertise. He is a great celebrity in Hong Kong and is the only non-artist to have a wax statue. He left school before even attaining the age of 15 due to his father's death and got a job to work at a plastics trading organization. He worked for about 16 hours a day there. He started his own company by the year 1950. He named the company "Cheung Kong Industries". This company started by manufacturing plastics and then later to real estate. This company was listed, in 1972, on the Hong Kong stock exchange as the leading in real estate investment. This company grew further by acquiring another company called Hong Kong Electric Holdings limited in 1985 and before that, Hutchison Whampoa, in 1979.

He has businesses covering almost all aspects of life in Hong Kong: telecommunications, electricity, shipping, internet, real estate and retail. The market capitalisation of Li Ka-Shing's groups of companies was US $82.9 billion by December 2009. This group of companies operates in more than 55 countries and the employees, worldwide are over 260, 000. In the year 1950, He started his plastics manufacturing company after learning how to run a firm and the funds he used to get the company started were borrowed from friends, family and other contacts. Li Ka-Shing then started real estate investment in 1971 and named his company Cheung Kong. He named this company after China's longest river.

In 1979, he purchased the company Hutchison Whampoa Limited which created massive business interests, for example, container port facility investment in Canada, Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Panama, United Kingdom and many more other countries. As a matter of fact, Li Ka-Shing's businesses control about 13% of port capacity for containers in the whole world.

Li Ka-Shing separates interest and control in the business interests in his companies. Therefore, Li Ka-Shing's group of companies retains disproportionate control and doesn't get to incur the cost of being the owner of an identical economic interest. On internet and technology, he has invested in an internet music streaming site called "Spotify" about $50 million. Li Ka-Shing Foundation also bought 0.8 portion in Facebook.

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